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The Most Comprehensive Search Volume Report For The UK's Kitchen Industry. Ever.

Here at Flo, we're the number one marketing provider for the UK's kitchen and bathroom industry. Our expert team have recently finished compiling a groundbreaking report which is designed to help kitchen retailers across the UK to better understand consumer behaviour and fluctuations in demand. This exclusive report provides invaluable insights into the number of searches carried out through Google by in-market consumers across the UK since January 2017.

Understand Your Market Like Never Before.

This report shows the volume of highly relevant, high-intent searches which were carried out through Google by consumers across the whole of the UK during the last 27 months (from January 2017 to March 2019). It provides invaluable information which will allow retailers to make more informed and data-driven decisions in the future to ensure that they are maximing the results that they're seeing from their marketing activity and are able to continually acheive and surpass core business and sales objectives.

Mobile Usage, Wren & Brexit.

Kitchen retailers throughout the UK face some very real challenges at the moment in a developing industry which in recent years has seen significant change. This in-depth report provides valuable insights into how an ever-increasing amount of users are using mobile devices to carry out searches, how searches for big name brands have changed and what impact the current political situation has had on demand for your products & services.


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