How we transform your Kitchen and Bathroom business into a marketing powerhouse.


Marketing isn’t just about getting a couple of new clients today. Sure, that would be good, but every well-versed marketer and business person knows that you need a marketing system that gets you a rhythmical acquisition of customers over months and years to come.

That’s why we look to build you a system that’s going to last, whilst also filling that system with leads for you to close.


Here at Flo we exist to help businesses, just like yours, to increase their customer base and grow. We offer a range of innovative online and offline marketing solutions designed to help you grow awareness of your brand locally, drive increased volumes of quality traffic to your website and continuously generate qualified leads for your sales team.

Marketing Packages

Explore Our Packages. All Designed To Create A Marked Uplift In Both Enquiries And Sales For Your KBB Business.


Who Is It For? | We provide the insights, you provide the action. Our Consultancy service is perfect for the KBB business that is already implementing marketing campaigns but isn’t achieving the desired results. You may have a marketing ‘person’ or even a team, but either way, if your business isn’t fulfilling its potential because of a lack of design appointments it can quickly become a frustrating situation.

What Is It Designed To Achieve? | Our Consultancy package delivers marketing insights and advice that you can take away and action. We’ll not only tell you what to do for a successful outcome but we’ll review your activity and tell you where you can make improvements. It’s not all down to us, though; you’ll also have a role to play. We’ll agree what activity you’ll put in place and by when so that we can all achieve the desired outcome: more quality enquiries and sales.

What Does Flo Consultancy Include?

- Regular Meet Ups: We’ll meet regularly at our place or yours. We’ll take the time to truly understand your business and come up with plans, solutions and campaigns that will propel your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom business to new levels.

- Ongoing Support: We revel in giving our clients the ultimate value; if you’re winning, we’re winning. And that’s why we provide bi-weekly calls to catch up and support you on your journey to reach your critical goals. On these calls we’ll make sure that you’re on track and review any marketing you have created.

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Who Is It For? | If you’re tired of underperforming marketing, leaving money on the table and feel like you’ve tried everything, you might be interested in our Enquiry Accelerator package. You see, in our many years of driving traffic and enquiries to KBB businesses just like yours, we’ve learned a thing or two, and we're ready to plug all of that knowledge into your KBB business.

What Is It Designed To Achieve? | We have tried, tested and proven campaigns (we’ve spent thousands of hours and pounds perfecting them) across the most impactful marketing channels available to us. We’ve got campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Ads, SEO, Remarketing and Website Conversion ready to go for your business. Our Enquiry Accelerator package sees us plugging these campaigns into your existing website to provide an influx of long-term, sustainable and high-quality enquiries to your business.

What Does Enquiry Accelerator Include?

Enquiry Accelerator Includes…
1. Google Ads
2. Facebook Ads
3. Google Display Ads
4. Remarketing
5. Lead Magnet Creation
6. SEO Campaign
7. Monthly Reporting
8. 5 Hours Per Month Ad Hoc Marketing Implementation
9. Conversion Optimisation Audit of Your Current Website

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Who Is It For? | Specialising in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms means that your attention and focus is best spent on delivering for your customers. That’s why some of our clients like to hand over all of the marketing to us...

What Is It Designed To Achieve? | Not only do we plug in our top performing campaigns, but we also take care of your ad hoc marketing to provide a fully managed service. For example, you might run some print ads in a local magazine or want a campaign for a live cooking event. We’ll take care of everything detailed in the Enquiry Accelerator package as well as everything else you would expect from a marketing team, up to 16 hours of ad hoc work per month. This includes all of your graphic design, web design, copywriting and strategic thinking; we’ll do it all…

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What Is It Designed To Achieve? | Your website is an extension of your showroom, and it’s more important in today’s world than ever before. In-market consumers now do most of their research online before ever setting foot in a showroom, and if your website isn’t ticking all of the right boxes, it’s unlikely your prospects will ever step over the threshold. Worry not, though. Through our vast experience with tracking hundreds and thousands of visitors to KBB websites like yours, we know what your target customers are looking for, and we know exactly what needs to be put in front of them to generate quality enquiries.

With Websites by Flo, you’ll get an affordable solution that’s easy to manage, 100% owned by you, looks great, elevates your brand and, most importantly converts visitors to enquiries.

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